What our residents and their families say
Thank you for all the loving care, kindness and attention you gave to Dad, we are all so very grateful. He really enjoyed his short stay with you all. Wishing you continued good work in your Respite Centre it is truly wonderful.
Dromcollogher Respite House is a happy place. You will know once you have stepped inside. Faces will show that sort of happiness none can disguise. It’s in the smile of the lips and the eyes. It is sensed and is heard in helpfulness, kindness and courteous words. Thanks for your hospitality during my stay.
We hear wonderful reports of the “Care & Respite Centre” and I for one, heartily endorse these. I am eternally grateful for the care and companionship shown me during my stay with you all. It is like having life being given back to me.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you all heartily and sincerely for the loving care you all give, so generously and naturally. It’s wonderful to see our elders, especially ones own mother, who has already contributed so unselfishly to life, being recognized just for themselves and their own inner beauty, irrespective of mental competence or any other outward measure.
You have all been so very kind to Mam during her stay with you. The atmosphere of homeliness and caring are so striking, and so very reassuring to us all. I know my sisters and brothers share this sentiment of affection equally. May this kindness return to you all a hundred fold.
Just to say thanks for the wonderful and gentle care you so lovingly gave to my Dad while he was in your peaceful centre of loving care. Dad really received a boost from the rest he got while in Dromcollogher in what turned out to be the final days of a long and fruitful life. I’ll never forget you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.